Our Vision


To improve the quality of life, well-being and social development of any sick or disabled child in Gloucestershire by raising the level of care; providing access to quality services so children do not need to travel out of the county unnecessarily and focusing on supporting the whole family.

We do this by:

  • Supplying equipment to the Children’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and the Paediatric outpatient areas.
  • Supplying equipment & transportation to the special (SEND) schools in Gloucestershire.
  • Supplying bursaries for nursing courses based at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Children’s Centre
  • Providing access to holidays for families of children with life limiting illnesses
  • Providing safe, comfortable environments for children with mental illness to be seen in Gloucestershire.
  • Funding respite care at the James Hopkins Trust.


  • Caring for the whole family – we treat the whole family unit. Our staff are caring and  approachable at all times and take into account pressures on each family.
  • Passion for raising funds – as a charity that distributes funds we have to raise money each year so we can support the many requests we have for funding.  We work tirelessly to be creative and raise funds for our charities and are ambitious in our goals.
  • Doing more – we want to push and expand the boundaries of both the quality and quantity of care and accessibility in the county.
  • Partnerships – we work with other charities, organisations and partners to raise money and support projects in the public, private and voluntary sector.
  • Fundraising – As a volunteer led organisation we aim to keep costs as low as possible as far as overheads are concerned. Employees are kept to a minimum and the funds raised in the County are spent in the County.

All of this is delivered by a team of professional, motivated and dedicated staff, Trustees, Promotion Board members and volunteers.