Welcome to our Walk For Wellbeing Week!

A great way for you to support The Pied Piper Appeal whilst having a bit of a fun and going on a lovely walk with friends and family.

Runs from Fri 28th May – Sunday 6th June

Here’s how it works…

We have 4 options for you to choose from and join in on the fun!

Option 1. 

Pay £5 and walk your own route in your own time. We will send a directory of walks digitally or hard copy.

Option 2. 

Pay £5 and do our Highnam Open Gardens walk on May 30th.

Option 3. 

Pay £5  and walk on the Night Walk on Friday June 4th Meet at 9 p,m at Water Coolers Direct, Horizon House, Unit B4 Nexus Court, Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester, GL3 4AG.

Option 4. 

Pay £5 to do the Belmont Walk over Leckhampton Hill. Meet at 12.30 pm at Bournside School/  Belmont School ends with Tea. June 6th.

Sign Up For Walk For Wellbeing

Choose 1 of the 4 options available and sign up for walk for wellbeing.



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Would you like a Pied Piper Walk 4 Wellbeing T shirt For £10

  • Walk For Wellbeing T-Shirt – Mens

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