Last week Gloucestershire children’s charity the Pied Piper Appeal, was proud to deliver a brand new people carrier to the Paternoster School in Cirencester.

The people carrier cost £15,000 and was funded by the Pied Piper Appeal including a generous £4,000 contribution from the Friends of Paternoster, too.

But it was thanks to Vaughan Howell and his team at Severn Signs for completing a fantastic paint and full branding of the car.

Said Nick Broady, chairman, “We are indebted to Severn Signs for their kindness in applying the decal and branding across the vehicle for us. It makes it even more special for the school and children and looks fabulous.”

Annette Fidderman, Paternoster School acting head teacher added: “Trips out of school form an important part of the curriculum allowing the school to offer a broad range of experiences, which strengthen the skills they are learning in the classroom. The car will enable the pupils to be a part of the wider community and the wonderful opportunities it offers around the Cotswolds.”

The new people carrier will make it so much easier to take out small groups of children and can be driven by most members of staff as they do not require special minibus training.