At a recent event it was good to share how the Pied Piper has spent the funds and this feedback was really appreciated by our guests. They could see the various ways in which sick and disabled children are benefitting in the county. At Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH) the charity has invested £79,000 on its first heart scanner, £37,000 to create Safe Rooms, £31,000 to upgrade the Play Area flooring, £35,000 to update and replace the ward curtains, £42,000 for TVs, and £15,000 for nurse training and support.

The charity helps many special schools having provided eight minibuses, donated £15,000 for a sensory room at St Rose’s School, £9000 for physio sessions at the Nigel Hunter Nursery, £25,000 for a special play area at Heart of the Forest and £9000 for new hoists at the Milestone School.

“Mental Health is a key area for us now too. We are looking at a project at Wotton Lawn to provide the ‘Pied Piper Room’ where parents can go and see their children while they are receiving treatment. We recently spent £9000 on interactive walls for waiting rooms at Acorn House and Wotton Lawn and £20,000 on refurbishing the waiting room at Acorn House.”

“In the last few years, Pied Piper Wishes has sent 108 children with life limiting illness on a wonderful holiday to create beautiful memories with their families. We also have a huge target to raise as well as funding our two-year pledge of £500,000 to the Chamwell Centre project at Milestone School.”

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