Peter suffers from spina bifida and has been through many operations as a baby. As he has grown he started to love football and wished he could play just like his friends. Charlie is his best friend and has cerebral palsy.  When Peter’s mum contacted Goals Beyond Grass and asked about Powerchair Football they were invited along and have been loving it ever since.

Pleased to help grow the reach of Goals Beyond Grass, the Pied Piper Appeal was thrilled to purchase 2 powerchairs for the boys from recent fundraising events. The extra special chairs, costing £9000 for both, came across the world from New Zealand.

Former football club chairman and Royal Navy Officer Brian Dix is CEO at the Cheltenham-based Goals Beyond Grass and said: “We are focused on enhancing the lives of children and adults through Powerchair Football. Our dedicated team takes the game of football from the boundaries of grass into the lives of all, supporting community development on and off the pitch. Our philosophy is that all people regardless of ability and age are able to engage in social and physical activity.”

The GBG charity aims to take Powerchair Football out to the community giving everyone the chance to feel included and has grown to a size that now operates on a daily basis.