Dear All,

We felt that we wanted to update you on what has been happening at Pied Piper since the New Year and especially with the Charity during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The year started well and we felt that we were going to set ourselves the target of raising £300,000 this year. Rachael in the Office left to spend more time with her child and we were in the process of looking for someone to take her place. 

The Race Day was again a phenomenal success due to the fantastic organisation of our Trustee Cat Hage raising £23k. This enabled us to buy the state of the art hearing equipment for the Children’s Centre preventing families having to travel to Bristol. It is a fundamental aim of ours to have the very best treatment for our sick children, here in our County.

Once the lockdown was implemented we obviously had to close the shop and we have furloughed the staff there. We anticipate that everyone will be at home sorting through their cupboards and we are hoping for a boom of donations and sales when we return!

Emma, our apprentice worked until April 1st and is now furloughed too as her role is mainly events and marketing which again will hopefully crank up when we are all allowed out! Kelly has been busy sorting requests for the Children’s Centre and is dealing with finance etc. She has not been furloughed and will continue to be at the end of the Pied Piper Phone.

This is a very difficult time for Charities and last week the government stated that Charities would lose up to 4.2 billion pounds. We have launched a ‘Find a Fiver’ Appeal to help the Children’s Centre have whatever they need for the families and nurses at this time. Julie has organized a quiz and another is due this Tuesday but it is going to make this year very tight. The only service that we provide is to the James Hopkins Trust. We pledged to pay for 4 children, one night a week to have respite care and this comes at a cost of just over £1000 a night. Therefore, we can only spend on the sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire what we have raised.

Thank you for supporting, volunteering or working with us in the past and at this time. We hope you are keeping up to date by receiving our Newsletter every Sunday – The Pied Piper Post or you can follow us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. If you can find a fiver the Just Giving link is below along with our website.

Please contact us if you wish to be on our mailing list for the PP Post.

See you all very soon. Stay safe and look after yourself and your families.

Nick & Julie