Welcome to our 100 CLUB

A great way for you to support The Pied Piper Appeal whilst having a bit of a flutter!

Here’s how it works…

The cost is £120 per annum which can be paid by £10 per month or a one-off payment.

The funds raised will go to the bursary fund for the Paediatric team training at the Children’s Centre, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.




The draw takes place at the end of each month. Good luck.


The Pied Piper 100 Club:  RULES

  1. To become a Pied Piper 100 Club member (a “Member”) you must make a yearly payment fee of £120 (“the Membership Fee”) to the Pied Piper 100 Club. This can be done by either;
  • setting up a standing order of £10 per month; or
  • making a one-off annual payment.

Please ensure your payment reference includes your initials, surname and first line of your address. This will ensure your payment will be allocated to the correct Member.

Each month the Membership Fees will be totalled (“the Total Monthly Membership Fee”)

  1. Once we have set you up as a Member you will be allocated one number (“your Pied Piper 100 Club number”).
  2. A draw will take place each month to determine which two Members have won (“the Winning Members”). The Winning Members can win either a 1stor 2nd
  3. For each draw, every Member will have their Pied Piper 100 Club number written on a ball and placed in a bowl/cage. A 100 Club Committee Member will pick out two balls from the bowl/cage.
  4. The Member whose ball is picked out first wins the 1st prize and will receive 15% of the Total Monthly Membership Fee and the Member whose ball is picked out second wins the 2nd prize and will receive 10% of the Total Monthly Membership Fee.
  5. The draw shall be made by one of the 100 Club Committee Members on the last day of each month at 12noon and will take place live on the Pied Piper’s Facebook page.
  6. The Pied Piper 100 Club is a small society lottery and is open to anyone aged 18 or over. Please note, we reserve the right to verify your age.
  7. At least one month’s notice is required for cancellation.
  8. Your Pied Piper 100 Club number will only be entered into the next draw if your monthly subscription is up to date.
  9. If a Member has no valid reason for missing a payment and does not contact us, your Pied Piper 100 Club number will not be included in that month’s draw.
  10. Further, unless otherwise advised, a Member will be deemed to have left the Pied Piper 100 Club if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  11. The Winning Members will receive cash prizes. Prizes can be collected from the Pied Piper office or the Pied Piper Shop.
  12. If you are lucky to be a Membership Winner then your details (name and Pied Piper 100 Club number) will be posted in the Pied Piper weekly newsletter and on the Pied Piper website.
  13. In case of any dispute the decision of the 100 Club Committee is final.