Where Your Money Goes

So far in 2014 we have donated:

8 x Trolley beds & decoration for day surgery unit

Fish/plane for Children's A&E waiting area

Hearts of Forest minibus

Projects we were fundraising for in 2013

During 2013 we had so many projects we were raising funds for. These are a few examples, but the list is exhaustive:

  • Heart of the Forest School urgently need to replace a mini bus £38,000
  • Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Children's Centre require 2 new vapour Therm machines to help children with respiratory problems £8,000
  • A childrens Entertainer who visits the ward monthly and loved by all £600
  • New dolls and toys for the play room £1,000
  • 2 new HDU machines for the neo natal department £60,000
  • Re furbish the school room £10,000
  • Re furbish the play room £8,000

Projects completed in 2012

Our major project in 2012 was to install TV's in the Childrens Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. We had to not only fund wiring installation throughout the ward, but also supply the TV's themselves for each bay. They have been received very well, children who are in hospital for a long period really appreciate being able to keep up todate with their favourite programmes. It also provides a welcome distraction from being in hospital.

We also provided several smaller items, toys for the Xray department and Accident and Emergency. Small gifts for children undergoing painful treatments to help have a positive memory from the visit.

Projects completed in 2011

During 2011 The Pied Piper Appeal funded two specialist pieces of medical equipment for two families which significantly improved their quality of life. Larger projects, which the charity funded are at two of the SENS schools in the County: The Milestone School in Gloucester, and the Alderman Knight School in Tewkesbury.

The bathroom on the Children's Centre at GRH was adapted to make it easier to lift, manoeuvre and dry the children. We installed a hoist and special drying table. Local company Brunsdon raised money to fund this project.

Projects completed in 2010

5 state of the art Neonatal monitors are urgently needed for the new centre at GRH which will provide round-the-clock intensive care and high dependency support using the latest specialist equipment for premature and seriously ill babies. We have pledged to raise £50,000 for these monitors.

The Children's Centre at GRH need two Radical 7 Pulse Oximeters, which measure the oxygen saturation on in the blood, plus toys for distracting children when they are undergoing treatment. These machines are specially designed for children and non invasive; they don't draw blood to take the measurements, and therefore cause less stress and trauma for the children.

The Children's Centre at GRH also need large plasma TVs and stands totalling £3,176.00. These will be in the wards for distraction for the children and their families. The staff from the ward said that TVs are one of the first things that parents and children request as it makes it easier for families during this very difficult time.

The Shrubberies special School in Stonehouse have had their Speech and Therapy room, and their medical room totally transformed thanks to funding from The Pied Piper Appeal. This includes extra storage, new medical equipment and toys to aid therapy, as well as structural changes to improve the environment and usability of these important areas.

Play panels for the playgrounds at the Heart of the Forest special School in Coleford. The new play panels, costing over £8,000 provide activities and stimulations for children of varying abilities.

An electrical bed for use within Bettridge and Milestone specials schools for their children who are ill during the school day and require medical treatment and a place to recover. The cost of providing these two beds was £3,475.

Projects completed in 2009/2010

Cheltenham General Hospital have recently created a new paediatric area in the Emergency Department and the area needed various toys and activities to make the area child friendly and help with distraction. Toys to include a small bubble tube and wall mounted toys, costing £1,373.

The waiting areas for children's continence clinic and Community Paediatrics Outpatients Department at GRH needed bright and safe chairs and tables in addition to toys and other activities to keep the patients and their families entertained. The total cost: £1,955.

£20,000 worth of sensory toys and equipment to kit out a sensory room for the Bettridge School in Cheltenham.

Mini bus specially adapted to take wheelchairs for the Milestone School in Gloucester. Total cost is just over £38,000.

Projects completed in 2008/2009

A Blood Sats Machine specially designed for children, which measures the oxygen in the blood has been donated to the Dilke Memorial Hospital in Cinderford at a cost of just under £1,000.

Toys, arts enhancement and TV equipment for Battledown Children's Ward waiting room. To provide distraction and toys for all ages and abilities. Total cost of all these projects was over £11,500.

Para Golf equipment to enable the Gloucestershire Golf Partnership to run golf experiences in special schools in the county. Cost £966.58.

Play and entertainment equipment for the four permanent Community Clinic waiting rooms. Cost: £800 (£200 per waiting room).

Equipment to allow mental health professionals to record and provide families with material from the sessions. Cost: £4,370

Equipment for mental health professionals to use the Dina Dinosaur Child Training Programme, designed for use in schools. Cost: £600.

Adolescent and child behaviour toolbox, which is used by mental health professionals working with children and specific families. Cost: £1,600

Equipment and furniture for Robinswood Children's Centre, to create a quiet, secure and relaxed space. Cost: £900.

Equipment to enhance the Nigel Hunter Nursery sensory room, which was funded in 2007, at a cost of £1,600.

Outdoor Play area for Battledown Children's Ward in CGH. Cost: £10,242

A new flat screen TV has been installed in both GRH and CGH Children's Outpatients. The two TVs cost a total of £1,494.

Donated two new mini buses to Milestones School, which is a special school in Longlevens at a total cost of £31,978.

Projects funded between 1992 & 2008

Two portable hoists were purchased to enable two families to overcome the difficulty of lifting their teenagers in and out of the car.

Refurbished Parents Room in Children's Centre at GRH, costing £1,575

Donated a digital baby scales to CGH's A & E Department, costing £274.

Donated a Pulse Oximeter for Children's Centre at GRH costing £400.

Donated a Blood Gas Analyser for Children's Centre at GRH. Cost:£6,000

Funded a new sensory room for the Nigel Hunter Nursery at GRH at a cost of £7,372.

Donated 10 folding beds to allow parents to sleep at their child's bedside in the Children's Centre at GRH. Cost of £6,000 in total.

Donated toys and medical equipment to the A & E Departments at GRH and CGH. The total cost of both projects is £14,500.

Refurbished and revitalised the Battledown Children's Ward at Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH).

Helped to make the children's Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH) a reality, and provide medical equipment and art enhancement to help create this wonderful facility.