What We Do

Pied Piper is here to transform the lives of sick and disabled children right across Gloucestershire. And as a charity we rely on our supporters to make that possible.

Set up in 1992, our initial goal was to fund a new children's centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Thanks to thousands of supporters, the centre is now fully up and running.

Today, the charity reaches our to help sick and disabled children in many different ways right across Gloucestershire.

In hospitals

We provide equipment and fund services, which are beyond what the NHS budgets can afford. This ranges from specialist equipment that helps save lives to toys and learning equipment which can make hospital seem like a less daunting place. To read more about our work in hospitals click here.

At home

If there is equipment that can help sick and disabled children at home, we will try to help. For instance, by providing a specialist bath hoist for the family bathroom, parents can bath their own child at home. By funding a wheelchair that fits in the family car, disabled children can get out and about with their own family. Read more here.

In the community

Being part of the community is important to sick and disabled children. We want to make sure they feel part of it, funding equipment and projects in special schools, including items like sensory rooms and specially adapted minibuses. Read more here.

We need your help

Not a month goes by without Pied Piper being asked to help fund more life changing projects - big and small. We rely on our supporters to help make it happen.

Please join in and see how you can help - here. Or if your work for a business, we've a dedicated area on this site with ideas for you - here.