Welcome to our frequently asked question page. If you don't feel that your question is answered here, please call us on 0300 422 6119 or contact us through the website.

Who does the Charity help?

We currently help over 10,000 sick children in need of treatment and healthcare both in hospital and in the community across Gloucestershire.

Does the charity only help critically ill children?

No - we help children regardless of their illness or whether they are critically ill, requiring minor treatment or are having regular hospital appointments. We also help children who have left hospital and who need specialist equipment at home. We fund community projects to make life easier for children their school and community too.

I thought the NHS or local authorities paid for things like this. Why do we need to raise more money?

They simply cannot provide some of the facilities or support what we wish to give to children. These include more medical equipment, nurses to become available to go out into the community to provide care at home; better learning and play equipment, and entertainment for our children. And also items like mini buses and wheelchairs for children with disabilities.

I don't live in Gloucester. Will my children benefit?

Though Pied Piper's office is in the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, we provide equipment and support for children right across Gloucestershire.

Being at the hospital - now a centre of excellence of children's health in Gloucestershire - means that we are close to nurses and other health care professionals who can advise us where help may be needed across the county.

What will my donation pay for?

Every year, we draw up a priority list of equipment, services and support needed by children across the county - you can find it here. Where does my money go? - it includes equipment and facilities that simply cannot be provided by the authorities.

How much extra will the charity get if I 'Gift Aid' my donation?

If you are a UK taxpayer your donation will be worth an additional 25p in the £1 to the Appeal by completing the 'Gift Aid' section of the donation form. There is no extra cost to you whatsoever.

My school wants to get involved. What can I do?

It's great that children want to help other children in their community. To find out how your school can help - please click here to request your FREE fundraising pack for schools.

My company is looking for a charity of the year. Can you help me?

That is great news! The support of companies in the county is vital to Pied Piper. So much so that we've a special section on our website where you can find out more and download our corporate fundraising pack - click here

I want to get involved. What can I do?

There are lots of ways you can help:

  • You could simply make a donation, or better still set up a small regular gift - find out more here.
  • You could join one of our Pied Piper events or organise your own - find out more here..
  • There are also opportunities for volunteers, check if you've the skills we're looking for on our volunteers section - find out more here.