About the Pied Piper Appeal

Our Aims

Founded in 1992, Pied Piper is the leading children's charity in Gloucestershire. Our missions is to make a difference to the lives of sick and disabled children in the county.

We do this by funding medical and practical equipment that enhances care and treatment for children in hospital, special schools and care centres in the region. We provide support and equipment that help make a difference to the lives of sick and disabled children at home and in the local community.

Examples include life-saving medical equipment, hoists for use at home and bespoke transport for special schools - see more.

Our Vision

We believe that every sick and disabled child in Gloucestershire should have the very best care possible.

We work with the NHS, local authorities, families and community groups. We help to enhance what they can provide and fund what they can't... due to their ever-stretched resources. Medical advances and new technology mean that newer, better equipment is continually available, so fund raising has to be an on-going, non-stop activity for us and our supporters.

Find out how you could help here.

Our history

•In 1992 The Pied Piper Appeal was set up to raise money to fund a new children's hospital for the county - which has now opened in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

•With that goal complete, the Pied Piper now reaches out to help sick and disabled children right across Gloucestershire - from the Forest of Dean to Stroud - in many different ways, find out more here.

•Thanks to supporters, the charity has raised over £4 million to help local children.