Pied Piper. A local charity supporting local children

Our work as the county's leading children's charity is as vitally important today as when we started out in 1992.

The biggest achievement to date is helping to fund a brand new children's hospital wing. Today... not a month goes by without us being asked to help fund life-changing medical and practical equipment that can transform the lives of sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire.

As a charity, we can only make a difference thanks to you - as the money you raise goes directly to support the sick and disabled children who need our help.

So as you read about some of our recent fundraising successes we hope you're inspired to continue to support children.

Why not make a donation today to help change a child's life?

Whatever you do to help, we would like to thank you on behalf of the children who benefit.

Henry Powell - Davies

In the early hours of Saturday 5th October I went into spontaneous labour at home - I was 25 weeks pregnant with my first child, I was admitted to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and despite efforts to hold off the delivery of my baby, Henry was born 12 hours later. He weighed 2lbs 5oz (a bag of sugar!), quite a good size, and I was told that he would need to be transferred immediately into the Special Care Baby Unit because there was a high risk he would not survive.

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Zack's story

Born four weeks premature with an enlarged kidney, little Zackery Phelps spent the first ten days of his life at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital receiving kidney treatment. He was so small that he had to wait almost a year to receive his first kidney surgery.

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Thanks in part to The Pied Piper Appeal's pledge to raise at least £1.2million for children in Gloucestershire, there is now a bright, modern, state of the art Children's Centre to replace Gloucestershire Royal Hospital's range of dispersed children's facilities with an integrated Children's Centre.

The new Centre provides:

a 44 bed Inpatient and day care accommodation

outpatient services

clinical administration accommodation

The provision is for children aged 16 and under regardless of speciality. The current target population for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is estimated to be 7,313 new attendances with 23,715 follow-up attendances. These numbers include Paediatric Medicine, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatric Oncology and Other Medical, which includes a small number of medical specialities.

The Children's Centre opened for patients in December 2004 and in March 2007 The Pied Piper Appeal fulfilled its pledge and made the final payment of £201,016 to Gloucestershire Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust. The work is far from over however, with many new projects, the charity's Chairman, Mr Roger Head DL, has emphasised that the charity is supporting and will continue to support the sick children of the County.